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We Did Build That

(Part Four) –  Signing the front of the check…

In April 1994, after 18 years and 6 locations, I resigned as President of Macco’s Floor Covering Centers, sold my interest in the company and exited the retail floor covering business.  My first interview was with Mohawk Industries.  Although a move to Atlanta as an executive in the manufacturing industry would have been exciting, I felt I wanted something that better directly fit my core skills and interests – finance.

I took a position as regional marketing director of the 12th largest CPA firm in the country.  My background as a small business owner, accountant, finance manager and president of an organization with multiple distribution channels was well suited to pull together the various products and services of the bigger consulting firms.

Within a year I had been recruited to provide the same type of work on a national level.  I valued my experience in that job, but the high-life of downtown Chicago offices and jetting around just wasn’t my cup of tea.  I needed to have my own shop again and get back to Green Bay.

I have always enjoyed seeing other people succeed.  I’m thrilled at someone else’s accomplishments!  Self reliance and discovery create not just an organization of giants… but a society of giants.  What better way to combine my joy of “coaching” and finance than in the financial advisory business.

I opened my first financial planning and asset management company in De Pere in October 1997.  In spite of literally starting from zero, within five years we achieved the highest level the firm had at that time.

In April 2004, I opened the Macco Financial Group on Main Street in Green Bay.  We now provide financial planning and asset management services to clients in 15 states.  I am very proud that Terri and Shirley, who were with me in that first office in De Pere, are still with me 15 years later.

I’ve worked a full time job for 39 of my 56 years and, except for three of those years, I have always signed the front of the check.

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