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Peaks & Valleys

(Part Five) –  Success isn’t the absence of challenge but rather the persistence through it.

By 2007, Macco Financial Group, Inc., had implemented methodologies and systemic controls to insure that, no matter how much we grew or in what state the client lived, each client could come to expect the same quality service and advice.  At about that same time, the principles in a brokerage office in Milwaukee were looking to retire.  We began discussions with them.

Then on April 4th 2007, the entry in the journal of my Bible reads:

“Sue’s tests were not good today – I claim Jesus’ name over her health.  I cannot lose her – she has been there for 35 years as a friend and partner – Lord give me strength to be there for her.  Thank you, John.” 

So began our journey into cancer … and the bizarre world that is our “health care” system.  Sue would eventually be healed and celebrate five full years of being cancer free.  Not, however, until our insurance company turned down nearly all of our claims, and we were forced to pay out of pocket for all of the treatments.  The experience has provided me with some very specific ideas as to what needs to happen if we truly want to correct a profoundly dysfunctional health care system.  And believe me, Obamacare makes it worse!

By late 2008, after liquidated both of our retirement accounts to pay medical bills, Sue was on the mend and I was feeling excited and optimistic again. We closed on the acquisition of the Milwaukee office;… it was October 6th.

Our timing could not have been worse.

Within 6 weeks the financial markets fell 50%, our assets under management crashed by one-third, and our new clients in Milwaukee were not only dealing with unfamiliar faces but with a market nobody could explain to them.  My total gross income in 2008 was $1,900 – no trick or accounting magic – that was it.  Everyone got paid but my son and me.

We eventually would right the ship; it took nearly 2 years of all hands on deck, 70 hour weeks and many sleepless, prayerful nights.

Success isn’t the absence of challenge but rather the persistence through it.  “If you’re going through hell, don’t stop.”

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