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"While I was learning the value of hard work, scrubbing toilets and cleaning up the locker room after a big game at Lambeau Field as a teenager, I never envisioned serving my hometown in the State Assembly.
But our community has afforded me so many opportunities to grow a business, raise a family, and give back in service to others.
And each day I have the honor of serving you, my goal is to put partisanship aside and leave a stronger Green Bay than the one I grew up in; to create a community where opportunity is available to all.
With your continued support, you have my word to keep working toward that goal while always putting the needs of our community and people first.”

Happy Farmer

Prioritizing Rural Wisconsin

John knows the unique challenges facing our small communities.


John supported the bill that invested $100 million in rural
economic development, farm support, prioritized funding for farmer mental health services, and fought for significant
investment in rural broadband.

He was also the author of the farm transfer on death bill.

Family Picnic

Keeping our Communities Safe

John ran for office to make sure our streets are safe, and our kids can grow up in strong communities. 

The far-left’s anti law-enforcement attempts to defund the police have caused many officers to leave the field.


John knows how important it is to support those who put their lives at risk for us every day.

Supporting Community Ready Kids

The last two years have been challenging for our kids. John knows that every parent needs to have a voice in their child’s education. That’s why he passed legislation that empowers parents and expanded education options and will continue to push for policies that truly put our kids first. We need skilled workers of all types; John knows we need to get back to vocational education as a dignified career path.

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